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    🚀 bring back the blog – The Homebound Symphony Now that the white-hot fire of Twitter is burning itself out, and its various alternatives (Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon) are generating merely gentle (or sputtering) flames, and TikTok (which is not a social-media site in any meaningful sense but rather a media-consumption platform) is still going nova, this is the time for people to rediscover the pleasures of blogging – of writing at whatever length you want, and posting photos, and embedding videos, and linking to music playlists, all on your little corner of the internet.

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    Nick Cave about ChatGPT and AI, in the voice of Stephen Fry

    I still think AI will be a good tool for mortal humans and an even better creativity booster in the hands of Artists, but these words by Nick Cave deserve to be reflected upon, because the risks are enormous too.

    I had forgotten how cool Gluon by @vincent is. Reinstalled it and set it to be the default in my “open” Shortcut. It’s a delight.

    Gluon app icon

    Typora supports Mermaid diagrams and charts in Markdown

    Typora is a great Markdown tool and text editor and it never ceases to amaze me. I was trying how DEVONthink handles Mermaid to render diagrams and graphic charts in Markdown, and I opened an example file in my Markdown-tool of choice, Typora, and found that this magnificent app supports Mermaid natively. So here’s a couple of screenshots. The first one shows the Mermaid code and the resulting image: And here are more examples.

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    Star Wars eta Millenium Falcon maitatzea noraino irits daitekeen

    Ene, aho zabalik jarraitzen dut lan zoragarri hau ikusi eta gero. John Gruber-en Daring Fireball orriari esker ezagutu dut. Hiroshi Sumi (@kyabetsumade) da egilea. Bideoa ikusi lehendabizi, eta gero Gruber-en orrira jo pare bat bitxikeri gehiago ikusteko. Baina lehendabizi bideoaz gozatu. Leer esto en Español. Read this in English.

    You can follow me on my Mastodon account or you can subscribe only to my blog #tech #eng

    Hiro Report

    If you don’t know @hiro’s blog, you’re missing out on tons of interesting stuff. Hiro Report delivers lots of different site recommendations, every week. Not a single week goes by without something interesting, useful or outright fun. And going through past reports is a joy, too. It’s got tips, apps, movies, sites, hardware… lots and lots of surprising stuff. So thanks a lot for your weekly report, @hiro, I hope you continue bringing it to us and, above all, I hope it makes you famous and fulfills your plan to control the world 😂.

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    I just updated my blog’s header with Font Awesome icons following this tutorial by @manton and I love it.

    Shortcut to open Lillihub

    I made a very simple Shortcut to open Lillihub in Safari on my iPhone. It looks for a previously existing tab that may have Lillihub open and, if that’s the case, goes to that tab. If there’s none, it opens Lillihub. Once again, thanks so much to Loura for building such a nice service. #tech

    You can install and try it here;…

    I can actually post from Lillihub, just as easily as

    It shows my categories and crossposting choices. This is great.

    Regarding crossposting, I noticed that it only shows the first of the feeds I have in my Account settings, and in my case is not my main feed. So I changed the order of my feeds so that the main one is the first in the list, and now Lillihub shows the correct crossposting choices for me.

    Thank you so much, @loura

    Want to try out a new web client? You’re in luck! I’d like to introduce Lillihub 🐸. It’s a delightful web app to view your timeline, make posts and keep up with conversations. You can even manage your books and bookmarks. Enjoy! 😁

    screenshot of the Lillihub web client. Shows timeline screen with navigation bar and the top and a colorful rainbow sidebar menu. The main column of text is a post about autumn with a picture of road with trees along the side with fall colors.

    Lillihub is a client you have to try

    Want to try out a new web client? You’re in luck! I’d like to introduce Lillihub 🐸. It’s a delightful web app to view your timeline, make posts and keep up with conversations. You can even manage your books and bookmarks. Enjoy! 😁

    El MacBook Pro se ha portado como un jabato. Ha empezado la jornada a las 04:30, se ha pasado todo el día funcionando en reuniones fuera del despacho y hasta ahora, que son las 22:30 y ha dado el primer aviso de batería baja.

    Modelo Mac14,5 Apple M2 Max 64 GB SSD 1TB. #tech

    Había olvidado que tenía instalado Instagram en el teléfono, hacía tiempo que no lo usaba. Al abrirlo, me ha ofrecido un mensaje. La elección ha sido sencilla, en tres breves pasos. #tech

    Mensaje de Instagram: puedes optar entre darnos tus datos para que te pongamos anuncios o darnos tu dinero para que no te pongamos anuncios. Diálogo del iPhone: Desintar Instagram. ¿Quieres eliminar la app o solo quitarla de la pantalla de inicio?Eliminar por completo la app.

    This guy’s Spanish accent is delightful. Unapologetic (not thad he needed to apologize) and inspirational for self-aware people like me. And the clock that he builds is astonishing. Give it a watch (not pun intended).

    🚀 Dictation automation - All this

    Since my goal is to add entries to the index right after writing them in the notebook, I have Shortcuts get and format the date for me in the first two steps. Step 3 brings up the dictation UI and records my description of the note. Step 4 combines the date, dictated text, and a trailing linefeed into a chunk of text that Step 5 then appends to the index file. The file is named “Notebook index.txt,” and it’s stored in a folder named “personal” in the root directory of iCloud Drive. Dictation errors can be fixed in either BBEdit on my Mac or Textastic on my phone.

    I struggle with dictation and voice control. I really think that the system works well in English and it’s not so reliable in Spanish. But people like Dr. Drang or Macsparky always make me want to make dictation work. #tech

    Lo que estoy disfrutando retocando Atajos para publicar al blog desde el teléfono. Tengo para citas y para textos propios. Ya solo me falta un atajo para publicar imágenes. #tech

    Cómo obtener el número de semana actual y el de la semana que viene

    Para mi sistema de Bullet Journal de OmniFocus, quiero una forma sencilla de escribir el número de semana actual, o el de la que viene, sin tener que mirar en el calendario para ver si estamos en la semana 45, 46… Las etiquetas que uso son en formato W45, W46, etc. He creado una macro en Keyboard Maestro, y el truco está en este código horario: %ICUDateTime%ww% %ICUDateTime% busca la fecha actual, mientras que ww% ofrece el número de semana en un calendario con 52 semanas.

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    Creación masiva de etiquetas de fecha en OmniFocus

    Para probar si puedo montar un sistema de Bullet Journal en OmniFocus, quería crear una serie de etiquetas (tags contextuales) para cada mes, cada semana y cada día del año. Las etiquetas diarias son 365 (366 para 2024, que es bisiesto), así que he buscado alguna manera más fácil de hacerlo. La creación individual de tareas en OmniFocus no es difícil, pero la repetición del proceso 366 veces podría llevarme horas de aburrimiento.

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    Como enlazar a una sección concreta de un post

    Para marcar una sección en un post de un blog y generar un enlace que lleve a esa sección en HTML, se debe usar el elemento de anclaje <a> y el atributo id. Por ejemplo, si tengo un título de sección llamado “Contacto”, puedo marcarlo de la siguiente manera: <h2 id="contacto">Contacto</h2> Aquí, id="contacto" es un identificador único para esa sección. A continuación, puedo crear un enlace que lleve a “Contacto” de la siguiente manera:

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    I really liked @maique’s idea in this post: Defaults maique.euReader: maique madeira So here’s my two cents: Mail Client: MailMate Mail Server: Notes: NotePlan, Markdown files in DEVONthink (longterm) To-Do: OmniFocus (forever) iPhone Photo Shooting: iOS Camera Photo Management: Calendar: Fantastical Cloud file storage: iCloud Drive RSS: NetNewsWire

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