No deja de sorprenderme que el Tribunal Supremo siga comunicándose con otros tribunales en formato papel. Esta es la última página de un testimonio remitido a un Tribunal Superior de Justicia. Será que ningún CSV puede batir la comodidad de imprimir y sellar veinte páginas y matar la última con un aspa gigantesca.

    Reverso de la última página de un testimonio del Tribunal Supremo. Aspa que tacha  toda la hoja en blanco, con sello de fe judicial de la Secretaría de la Sala. Papel impreso, tachado a mano y escaneado

    Batch Link Downloader - A tool to download files from a website in bulk

    I don’t use Google Chrome much but today I found a very useful tool that I want to share. It’s called Batch Link Downloader, and it’s an extension that allowed me to easily download multiple files from a website. I needed to download the whole documentation of my city’s Urban Plan. It’s a bunch of PDFs, classified by different categories and locations. This is the screenshot of one of the pages.

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    IndieWeb Carnival: Digital Relationships – Manu

    February is almost over but I’m happy to say that, with my previous post on digital excuses, I took part in this month’s IndieWeb Carnival, hosted my Manu, who is one of my favorite bloggers, as I state in my blogroll. And I’m on the list 🚀 IndieWeb Carnival: Digital Relationships – Manu the topic for the month of February is going to be “Digital relationships”. The meaning of the topic is intentionally vague but I can think of at least three ways to interpret it.

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    Digital excuses

    February is almost over and, if I don’t speed this up, I’m not going to make it to Manuel Moreale’s IndieWeb Carnival invitation for this month. And this is in part due to the digital caos I live in. Yes, this is going to be a moaning post. Probably annoying for the people who read it and absolutely of no use for bringing any good to our collective lives, much less for adding anything nice or worthy to the IndieWeb Carnival.

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    Upsies by Matthias Gansrigler at Eternal Storms

    🚀 ⚡️ [New Freeware App] Upsies – Upscale your images with MetalFX – Eternal Storms Software | Blog Upsies is something I wrote on a whim, just out of curiosity if it worked – using the MetalFX Spatial Upscaler to upscale photos and images. And lo and behold, it does work, and produces arguably nicer results than, say, resizing an image up with I love everything Matthias does.

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    Installing Pandoc on Apple Silicon with Homebrew · Nono Martínez Alonso

    🚀 Installing Pandoc on Apple Silicon with Homebrew · Nono Martínez Alonso Here’s how I installed pandoc on my MacBook Pro (13–inch, M1, 2020) to run with Rosetta 2 — not natively, but on the x86_64 architecture — until a universal binary for macOS is built that supports the arm64 architecture in new Appple Silicon Macs. Thanks a lot, Nono.Ma. I needed to know which build to choose to install Pandoc on my Mac (it’s an M2 macbook pro) and I never remember the reference for the correct architecture (arm64 or x86_64).

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    Well, this thing about the Vision Pro did impress me

    Watching MKBHD play ping pong with the Vision Pro on has impressed me. The instantaneous rendering of the real world inside the headset is really astonishing. Watch it at the 11:30 mark. #tech…

    🚀 Apple is bringing sideloading and alternate app stores to the iPhone - The Verge

    The big news is that third-party app stores will be allowed on iOS for the first time, breaking the Apple App Store’s position as the sole distributor of iPhone apps. The changes will arrive with iOS 17.4 in March.

    Here’s how the new “alternative app marketplaces,” as Apple called them, will work. Users in the EU and on iOS 17.4 will be able to download a marketplace from that marketplace’s website. In order to be used on an iPhone, those marketplaces have to go through Apple’s approval process, and once you download one, you have to explicitly give it permission to download apps to your device. But once the marketplace is approved and on your device, you can download anything you want — including apps that violate App Store guidelines. You can even set a non-App Store marketplace as the default on your device.

    More places to choose from is always good. Thanks, EU.

    #tech #eng

    🚀 I’ll never stop blogging: it’s an itch I have to scratch – and I don’t care if it’s an outdated format | Simon Reynolds | The Guardian

    I miss the inter-blog chatter of the 2000s, but in truth, connectivity was only ever part of the appeal. I’d do this even if no one read it. Blogging, for me, is the perfect format. No restrictions when it comes to length or brevity: a post can be a considered and meticulously composed 3,000-word essay, or a spurted splat of speculation or whimsy. No rules about structure or consistency of tone. A blogpost can be half-baked and barely proved: I feel _zero _responsibility to “do my research” before pontificating. Purely for my own pleasure, I do often go deep. But it’s nearer the truth to say that some posts are outcomes of rambles across the archives of the internet, byproducts of the odd information trawled up and the lateral connections created.

    “Ramble” is the right word. When blogging, I can meander, take short cuts and trespass in fields where I don’t belong. Because I’m not pitching an idea to a publication or presenting my credentials as an authority, I am able to tackle subjects outside my expertise. It’s highly unlikely I could persuade a magazine to let me write an essay comparing Bob Fosse and Lenny Bruce, or find a thread connecting Fellini’s Amarcord, Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch and Jacques Tati’s Playtime. (…)

    Freedom and doing it for free go together. I’ve resisted the idea of going the Substack or newsletter route. If I were to become conscious of having a subscriber base, I’d start trying to please them. And blogging should be the opposite of work. But if it’s not compelled, blogging is compulsive: an itch I have to scratch. And for every post published, there are five that never get beyond notepad scrawls or fumes in the back of my mind

    I think I have read, even shared, this piece before, but I just revisited it thanks to David Enzel and it resonated again with me, so here it goes.

    #tech #eng

    Nina Zumel on alternative search engines

    🚀 20240114 | Short Thoughts But I from all these articles, and the associated comment threads, I’ve found a lot of alternative search engines, and I tried a few. I’ve started using Startpage as my Google proxy, for more anonymity. I’ve found that the results are not the same as directly querying Google, but they are pretty good and sometimes better (less sploggy, even). DuckDuckGo and Startpage/Google are still my go-tos, but I’ve added a few more back-up engines, too:

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    I can’t stress enough how much I like the app Callsheet by The movie database I’ve always wanted, in a wonderful, easy to use and pretty app. No spoilers, no cheating, no adds, no BS. Just a terrific film and TV information hub. Please, do yourself a favor and check it out.

    🚀 WebSencilla

    ¿Por qué #WebSencilla #SmallWeb web0?

    Porque queremos control sobre lo que queremos compartir, que pueda perdurar en el tiempo (depende de nosotras mismas), que no esté sometida a cambios de uso de una plataforma. Queremos que se acceda sin necesidad de cookies ni de ninguna otra mandanga que haga que el acceso a una web sea tortuosa. Porque queremos acceder a webs rápidamente.

    Porque nos gusta aprender, ponernos desafíos y sentirnos realizadas poniendo en valor nuestros escritos dedicándoles no solo tiempo a escribirlos, sino a darles un continente apropiado y justo, un continente que represente lo que queremos que sean las webs. Porque hay veces que con HTML y CSS tenemos suficiente.

    Si tu web es sencilla, no pesada (carga relativamente rápido), de fácil acceso (sin miles de avisos que salten al usuario a modo de obstáculo molesto o publicidad) y has puesto esfuerzos en ella tanto a nivel de diseño como de contenido para que sea modesta u honesta, es una #WebSencilla. La alojes tú o la aloje algún servicio que te puedas permitir por nivel de conocimientos o por nivel adquisitivo.

    En algún momento tenemos que dejar de escribir sobre escribir y ponernos a escribir sin más, pero bromas aparte, suscribo esto de #WebSencilla y me apunto. #tech

    🚀 The web is yours | James' Coffee Blog

    There is one more question to answer: how do you start a website? I have a few recommendations.

    1. Read the 32-Bit Cafe “Creating Your Own Website” guide.
    2. Read the IndieWeb Getting Started (“Get Your Own Site”) guide
    3. Join a Homebrew Website Club meetup and ask how you can start building your own website.

    No coding is necessary to build your own website.

    What platform should I use, James? That is a personal question, but I have a few recommendations:

    • (no coding required)
    • WordPress (no coding required)
    •, a tool that has many tools to create websites that you can use with no coding experience. You can make link pages, blogs, and more!
    • Neocities, a free place you can publish HTML sites. There are over 700,000 websites hosted on Neocities.
    • Make your own website with plain HTML (for new coders)
    • Make a website with a site generator like Eleventy (for coders who know a bit about HTML and JavaScript.

    The web is yours.

    We live exciting times again. And James makes excellent points to add up to the ever growing conversation: own your space in the web and come out to the world from the place you build yourself. #tech #eng

    🚀 Dos investigaciones básicas convergen en una aplicación terapéutica - Gen-Ética

    Resueltos los problemas científicos y clínicos asociados a la anemia falciforme o la beta talasemia por el tratamiento con Casgevy, capaz de curar estas enfermedades tras una sola administración, tan solo nos queda resolver lo más importante: cómo llevar esta terapia a todos los enfermos que la necesitan. Son más de cuatrocientos mil las personas que nacen anualmente con anemia falciforme en el mundo, en su mayoría en África y Asia. Y todas ellas deberían poder aspirar a ser tratadas con Casgevy, en cumplimiento del cuarto principio de bioética, el de justicia, que garantiza que toda terapia que desarrollemos debería estar disponible para todo aquel que la necesite, no solamente para quienes puedan sufragar sus costes. En EE.UU. hemos conocido que el precio acordado para este tratamiento es de 2,2 millones de dólares por paciente. Una sencilla multiplicación nos llevara a constatar que, desgraciadamente, va a ser muy difícil, sino imposible, actualmente, llevar esta terapia a todos los enfermos que podrían beneficiarse de ella. Este es un problema fundamentalmente económico pero también un dilema ético de primera magnitud. El principal problema al que se enfrenta esta nueva terapia CRISPR es de accesibilidad. Lograr que Casgevy (y todas las terapias para otras enfermedades congénitas que seguirán) sea accesible a los enfermos debería ser el reto a resolver para un futuro inmediato. Resulta moralmente indefendible pensar que estas costosísimas terapias solamente van a estar disponibles para unos pocos afortunados que, en estos momentos, puedan costeárselas. Debemos trabajar para conseguir que los sistemas nacionales de salud acuerden precios razonables que salvaguarden el legítimo derecho que tienen las empresas farmacéuticas a obtener un beneficio de las inversiones realizadas para desarrollar la terapia. Sin olvidar que el origen de estos tratamientos innovadores lo encontramos en investigaciones básicas, como las dos protagonistas de esta historia, financiadas generalmente con recursos públicos.

    Y todo esto empezó con la investigación de Francis Mojica, microbiólogo de la Universidad de Alicante. #tech

    I have to admit I do not understand Bridgy at all. Neither do I get if I have to do anything to add webmentions to my site or it already supports them. I’d say it does, but I’m totally at a loss. It should not be that difficult but my brain doesn’t grasp these concepts. @manton any help for newbies?

    Esta cuenta solo es un clon de lo que publico en mi blog. No leo las respuestas ni los❤️ de X. Puedes buscarme en Si abres una cuenta en Mastodon, tendrás un perfil q conectará con todo el Fediverso y podrás encontrarme en

    After years of tweeting/posting, retweeting/boosting, liking/faving, quoting, inserting GIFs/images/videos/songs, and other ways to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and states of humor, the by-design focused/limited functionality of is both soothing and frustrating.

    I’m so happy I was able to build my About me page in three languages, with a distinct card for each of them and hyperlinks that lead to each of the languages. My HTML knowledge is very, very, very basic. I really hope it’s user friendly, I tried to make it visually appealing since the plain text was too long otherwise.

    I’d appreciate any feedback, beautiful people in the fediverse ☺️. Thanks.

    Curio giveaway! -

    🚀 Curio giveaway! - 🎄 Merry Christmas! I’m excited to offer the next giveaway, a Pro license ($119 value) for Curio. Curio is the perfect app for managing your brainstorms, your research, your projects, and your digital life. A Curio “space” is a blank canvas on which you can add notes, web pages, pdfs, images, mind maps, outlines, and more. All searchable and linkable, and even shareable. Version 27 is freshly out and ready to take it to the next level.

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    🚀 Manton Reece - Following Bluesky users from

    This weekend I added limited support for following Bluesky users in This isn’t federating with Bluesky yet. Instead, it uses a combination of Bluesky’s RSS feeds and the AT Protocol.

    To follow a Bluesky user who has an account username in the form, just search for the username in It doesn’t work for custom domain usernames in Bluesky, because will think you want to follow the user’s blog instead.

    Even if it has some limitations, it’s great to know that there’s ever more bridges to connect different platforms. I have a few dear friends and interesting accounts in Bluesky that I’d rather follow from my place in Being able to interact with them will be awesome. #tech #eng

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