Hi @vincent @Mtt I sent a support mail to Vincent but now I’m thinking it might be a Tiny Theme issue. I think I don’t really know what I’m doing, sorry 😅.

I’m trying to set the footer of my blog at micro.blog, using Tiny Theme, and the webring is giving me trouble. It renders in a separate line and to the left instead of centered. This is the code I’m using

Visitas <span class="tinylytics_hits"></span> · Web amiga <a href="" class="tinylytics_webring">🕸️💍</a><br> Sitio alojado en <a href="https://micro.blog">Micro.blog</a> con plantilla <a href="https://tinyformicro.blog/">Tiny Theme</a> <br>

And you can see in my footer that the webring does not show properly. It should show just after the «Web amiga» text.

Any ideas, please? Many thanks.