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🚀 bring back the blog – The Homebound Symphony Now that the white-hot fire of Twitter is burning itself out, and its various alternatives (Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon) are generating merely gentle (or sputtering) flames, and TikTok (which is not a social-media site in any meaningful sense but rather a media-consumption platform) is still going nova, this is the time for people to rediscover the pleasures of blogging – of writing at whatever length you want, and posting photos, and embedding videos, and linking to music playlists, all on your little corner of the internet.

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Nick Cave about ChatGPT and AI, in the voice of Stephen Fry

I still think AI will be a good tool for mortal humans and an even better creativity booster in the hands of Artists, but these words by Nick Cave deserve to be reflected upon, because the risks are enormous too.

I had forgotten how cool Gluon by @vincent is. Reinstalled it and set it to be the default in my “open” Shortcut. It’s a delight.

Gluon app icon

Typora supports Mermaid diagrams and charts in Markdown

Typora is a great Markdown tool and text editor and it never ceases to amaze me. I was trying how DEVONthink handles Mermaid to render diagrams and graphic charts in Markdown, and I opened an example file in my Markdown-tool of choice, Typora, and found that this magnificent app supports Mermaid natively. So here’s a couple of screenshots. The first one shows the Mermaid code and the resulting image: And here are more examples.

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Joaquin Sevilla sobre la prohibición de móviles

🚀 Joaquin Sevilla Moróder: Móviles y lápices que prohibir Esa carne de prohibición, los jóvenes menores de 16 en la escuela, usan el móvil como ven hacerlo a sus mayores: en cualquier momento y de cualquier forma para cualquier cosa. (…) Como le leía a un amigo en una red social hace un par de días, no deja de ser fascinante que tengamos un movimiento de personas reclamando que la ley le prohíba a sus hijas e hijos usar los dispositivos que ellos les han comprado y no son capaces de enseñarles a utilizar.

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Star Wars eta Millenium Falcon maitatzea noraino irits daitekeen

Ene, aho zabalik jarraitzen dut lan zoragarri hau ikusi eta gero. John Gruber-en Daring Fireball orriari esker ezagutu dut. Hiroshi Sumi (@kyabetsumade) da egilea. Bideoa ikusi lehendabizi, eta gero Gruber-en orrira jo pare bat bitxikeri gehiago ikusteko. Baina lehendabizi bideoaz gozatu. Leer esto en Español. Read this in English. is a wonderful site by Zsolt Benke

And the last gem I found is this one, which I’m hoping will bring me a lot of note-taking joy: Bookmarked “Type – Take notes without interrupting your flow” – Decoding Bookmarked “Type – Take notes without interrupting your flow” Take notes without interrupting your flow. Type lets you quickly jot things down with the timestamp attached, without interrupting your flow. Very interesting use of text files. I want to integrate this app into my workflow somehow.

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Opinion | Would Trump be a dictator? And can he be stopped? - The Washington Post

Robert Kagan in a harrowing article:

Yes, I know that most people don’t think an asteroid is heading toward us and that’s part of the problem. But just as big a problem has been those who do see the risk but for a variety of reasons have not thought it necessary to make any sacrifices to prevent it. At each point along the way, our political leaders, and we as voters, have let opportunities to stop Trump pass on the assumption that he would eventually meet some obstacle he could not overcome. Republicans could have stopped Trump from winning the nomination in 2016, but they didn’t. The voters could have elected Hillary Clinton, but they didn’t. Republican senators could have voted to convict Trump in either of his impeachment trials, which might have made his run for president much more difficult, but they didn’t.

Throughout these years, an understandable if fatal psychology has been at work. At each stage, stopping Trump would have required extraordinary action by certain people, whether politicians or voters or donors, actions that did not align with their immediate interests or even merely their preferences. It would have been extraordinary for all the Republicans running against Trump in 2016 to decide to give up their hopes for the presidency and unite around one of them. Instead, they behaved normally, spending their time and money attacking each other, assuming that Trump was not their most serious challenge, or that someone else would bring him down, and thereby opened a clear path for Trump’s nomination. And they have, with just a few exceptions, done the same this election cycle. It would have been extraordinary had Mitch McConnell and many other Republican senators voted to convict a president of their own party. Instead, they assumed that after Jan. 6, 2021, Trump was finished and it was therefore safe not to convict him and thus avoid becoming pariahs among the vast throng of Trump supporters. In each instance, people believed they could go on pursuing their personal interests and ambitions as usual in the confidence that somewhere down the line, someone or something else, or simply fate, would stop him. Why should they be the ones to sacrifice their careers? Given the choice between a high-risk gamble and hoping for the best, people generally hope for the best. Given the choice between doing the dirty work yourself and letting others do it, people generally prefer the latter.

This essay is really scary. It might be spot on, though. It’s worth reading through it all and keeping a copy for future reference. What are we going to do in Europe with our own wannabe Trumps?

Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman on the Supreme Court, dies : NPR

Sandra Day O’Connor, first woman on the Supreme Court, dies : NPR O’Connor served on the court for a quarter of a century and, after that, became an outspoken critic of what she saw as modern threats to judicial independence. While on the court, O’Connor was called “the most powerful woman in America.” Because of her position at the center of a court that was so closely divided on so many major questions, she often cast the deciding vote in cases involving abortion, affirmative action, national security, campaign finance reform, separation of church and state, and states' rights, as well as in the case that decided the 2000 election, Bush v.

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Esta resolución marca un hito por tres motivos: 

  • El Tribunal Supremo subraya la necesidad de que altos cargos públicos cumplan con los requisitos establecidos para dar validez a su nombramiento, marcando un precedente fundamental que evitará que prevalezcan motivos políticos o de intereses individuales sobre el cumplimiento de los requisitos legalmente establecidos para efectuar nombramientos de altos cargos.
  • El cumplimiento de estos requisitos es especialmente necesario en relación a los órganos de control, como el Consejo de Estado, cuya función es velar por la observancia de la Constitución y por el correcto funcionamiento de la Administración Pública y de los Servicios Públicos.
  • La Sentencia reconoce la legitimación activa a la Fundación Hay Derecho para impugnar decisiones que atentan contra los principios del Estado de derecho. Este reconocimiento fortalece la posición de Hay Derecho como una voz crucial en la sociedad civil española​​ y refuerza la utilidad de sus acciones de litigación estratégica.

No tengo ninguna duda de que alguien está redactando la reforma del artículo 6 de la Ley Orgánica del Consejo de Estado. Total, en esta frase, hay un montón de cosas innecesarias:

El Presidente del Consejo de Estado será nombrado libremente por Real Decreto acordado en Consejo de Ministros y refrendado por su Presidente entre juristas de reconocido prestigio y experiencia en asuntos de Estado.

Insistir en la utilización de los signos de interrogación y exclamación de apertura y la coma del vocativo conduce a la melancolía 1.

José Ortega y Gasset

  1. José Ortega y Gasset (Madrid, 9 de mayo de 1883-18 de octubre de 1955). Cita no exacta. ↩︎

You will never, ever, die, Shane. Fuck.

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Trying out the Set Date feature in MarsEdit to schedule the publishing of posts. If this works correctly, it should show up at 18:15 (I’m sending it at 18:10).

I did what @sod told us not to do, so you don’t have to. Now you know, you don’t have to and should not click here.

Hiro Report

If you don’t know @hiro’s blog, you’re missing out on tons of interesting stuff. Hiro Report delivers lots of different site recommendations, every week. Not a single week goes by without something interesting, useful or outright fun. And going through past reports is a joy, too. It’s got tips, apps, movies, sites, hardware… lots and lots of surprising stuff. So thanks a lot for your weekly report, @hiro, I hope you continue bringing it to us and, above all, I hope it makes you famous and fulfills your plan to control the world 😂.

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Me he cargado por completo el reloj mecánico de viaje así que inauguro nuevo proyecto: YouTube cómo montar reloj mecánico para idiotas.

Imagen de piezas de reloj mecánico de mesa desmontado.

We will always love you, Freddie.

Farrokh Bulsara (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991).

Enriquecimiento injusto para justificar el pago de servicios prestados sin contrato

Gracias a Contrato de obras Roi: STS 4480/2023 - ECLI:ES:TS:2023:4480 La cuestión de interés casacional objetivo para la formación de jurisprudencia que presenta este recurso,(…) consiste en determinar si se puede acudir a la doctrina del enriquecimiento injusto para el pago de facturas por servicios en casos en los que no está permitida la contratación verbal. La respuesta de la Sala a la cuestión de interés casacional (…) ha de ser la de reiterar la doctrina jurisprudencial que antes hemos expuesto, al no concurrir ninguna circunstancia en este recurso que nos lleva a su modificación.

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