From the LaunchBar 6.15 release notes:

Added support for shortcuts defined in the of macOs Monterey. Those shortcuts are indexed automatically and can be conveniently invoked from LaunchBar. If a shortcut requires text input, this text can be entered after pressing the Space bar or via Send-to.

LaunchBar by Objective Development is an app launcher and much more.

With one single keyboard shortcut you can launch every app in your computer, move, copy or rename files, create folders, activate extensions, access contacts, send mails, make calculations, search the web, even enter events in your many calendars.

And now, with LaunchBar 6.15, you can launch every shortcut in your Shortcuts app. This is a game changer for me.

I have this shortcut that I’ve been using several times every day, since I created it after installing macOS Monterey. Every time I set a due date with a particular tag for a task in OmniFocus, I launch this one shortcut that takes that task and puts it in, so I have an instant visual reminder in my every day agenda.

I had to go to the menu bar for that. Now, I can launch it with LaunchBar, a quick keystroke and there it is. Feels like magic.

UPDATE. Thanks to @mattcassinelli

This is how it works: I add a task in OmniFocus with a due date and a particular tag for this kind of hard due dates (it’s Vencimiento for me in Spanish, for stuff that’s due in court, so it’s serious stuff. I make a very selective use of due dates). Then I launch the shortcut and puts the task in the Calendar.

The Find Remaining Items OmniFocus action looks for the last added task that has that particular tag (limit the scope to 1). Then Add Event to Calendar grabs the name of the task, the due date, and the OmniFocus URL and adds the new event to my calendar of choice. I make it an All day event, so it shows up in my commitments for that day.

Here´s the link to the shortcut. Hope it shows in your own language and it’s useful.