February is almost over but I’m happy to say that, with my previous post on digital excuses, I took part in this month’s IndieWeb Carnival, hosted my Manu, who is one of my favorite bloggers, as I state in my blogroll.

And I’m on the list 🚀 IndieWeb Carnival: Digital Relationships – Manu

the topic for the month of February is going to be “Digital relationships”. The meaning of the topic is intentionally vague but I can think of at least three ways to interpret it.

  • The first is probably the most obvious: relationships between us human beings that are lived primarily—or entirely—on the digital world.
  • The second is the relationship between us and the digital world itself.
  • The third is the growing trend of people having relationships with digital creations such as AI fiends, boyfriends and girlfriends.
    Those are three ways you can interpret the topic but don’t feel limited to just those three. Go nuts and be creative.