🚀 Dictation automation - All this

Since my goal is to add entries to the index right after writing them in the notebook, I have Shortcuts get and format the date for me in the first two steps. Step 3 brings up the dictation UI and records my description of the note. Step 4 combines the date, dictated text, and a trailing linefeed into a chunk of text that Step 5 then appends to the index file. The file is named “Notebook index.txt,” and it’s stored in a folder named “personal” in the root directory of iCloud Drive. Dictation errors can be fixed in either BBEdit on my Mac or Textastic on my phone.

I struggle with dictation and voice control. I really think that the system works well in English and it’s not so reliable in Spanish. But people like Dr. Drang or Macsparky always make me want to make dictation work. #tech