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Bienvenid@ a mi web. Ongi etorri. Welcome

Soy abogado, dedicado al derecho administrativo y a la contratación pública. También me gusta hablar de software y herramientas de productividad. En los enlaces de arriba puedes acceder a las distintas secciones de la página. Gracias por pasarte por aquí.


I'm a public law and public procurement lawyer. I also like talking about software and productivity tools. In the navigation bar you will be able to browse through this page, there's even a section that collects the posts I publish in English. Thanks for taking a peek.


Abokatua naiz, zuzenbide administratiboan eta kontratu publikoetan aditua. Software eta produktibitate tresnei buruz aritzea ere oso gogoko dut. Goiko loturatan aurkituko dituzu orri honetako atal ezberdinak. Mila esker hemendik pasatzeagatik.

And, in this page, some random personal thoughts sans category.

Wow, I think I just been blocked. First time in Mastodon.

@eosfpodcast Chattel slavery is not unique to the US by no means but I understand what you mean. I looked both words up and I get it now. Thank you, Rod (hope you let me call you Rod).

I know quite a few black and Hispanic people that are outright racist, too, so I have to assume no podcast is necessarily racism free. Yet diversity will always be worth promoting, so there you go.

From: @eosfpodcast

It was nice to listen to @gina at the Minimum Competence podcast :)

I give up, Going back to good old xml.

Sigo con la organización del blog y el enlace con Mastodon:

Let’s see if webmentions work as expected.

I tried to understand and I got a headache.

I think I might’ve gone a little too far customizing @icecubesapp

Do you give value to an app’s ? I really do. A nice icon might actually be the selling point for me. A nice icon makes me feel good when I use the app. An ugly one just drives me away, no matter the app’s true functionality. Both in macOS and iOS. An icon can ruin an app for me, or delight me and give me happiness.

I’m trying for the first time. I never needed to schedule tweets in Twitter, and I don’t think I will need it in Mastodon, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Thanks to @icymi_law I found about 'BLACK HISTORY MONTH: 10 Books To Add to the Collection and Share with Readers' and this Google list:

If you want your speech to be free, you have to be willing to expose yourself to any other speech, regardless of how opposite it is from your opinions or beliefs. If you want to be free, you have to be willing to be exposed to everybody’s freedom.

Actually, that’s an ordinary behavior. Every right wing free speech advocate has issue with left wing speeches, just like every left wing free speech advocate has issue with right wing ones. That’s where cancel culture comes from. People truly willing to listen are very very rare.

From: @parismarx

@bruce_pics Nice to meet you, Bruce. You share incredible pictures, thank you.

Hey, everybody, good morning. Have a nice week.

@skaly nice to meet you, Skaly.

Step 1: Set up filter to silence every word related to TFG.

Step 2: Why am I still receiving warnings?

Step 3: Aaaah here it is.

Step 4: Rest.

@fjromero Encantado de verle por aquí, caballero.

What would you like to have?

Mine would be flying. There's nothing I envy more in nature than the ability of to fly.

Stoping/slowing down time would be awesome, too.

Prueba solo para comprobar si el feed de tips ya está activado.

I created an infinite loop while fiddling with RSS and sync from my blog to Mastodon and back, sorry for the repeated posts. I think I deleted all of them, I hope I didn't bother you all too much.

I love being back to baking 🥖

I love being back to baking 🥖

two loafs of bread

Here the last steps. The have been fried in olive oil, and they get a coat of sugar an cinnamon powder. Ready for dessert after lunch.