A poster picture of Kali Reis, Jodie Foster and Fiona Shaw, main characters of True Detective 4th season, Episode 1

I really enjoyed True Detective’s comeback, episode 1 of season 4, dubbed “Night Country”. Main characters are Liz Danvers, police chief, played by Jodie Foster, and Evangeline ‘Gi’ Navarro, Trooper, played by Kali Reis. They both play really interesting rols, strong confident women.

I think Peter Prior, a police rookie, played by Finn Bennett, is going to be a good one, too.

And above all, the great Fiona Shaw is a great addition to the drama. She’s spooky as ever, I loved her part in the episode.

True Detective’s new season is placed in a lost town in Alaska, 160 miles North of the Arctic Circle, just after the last sunset of the year, when a long night starts. There’s a mine where most people work, that led to an unsolved murder a while back, and a scientific station where new dark things seem to have happened. I don’t know yet, but it looks like Liz Danvers and Gi Navarro are going to have to face some ghosts, from the past and the present, figurative and tangible ghosts brought by the ever lasting night.