This is for Sarah Burstein, I thought she might like it. Sarah just tooted “Se acabó”, and she might not know that it’s a song, an anthem, sang by María Jiménez, a strong woman and wonderful performer that lived a hard life and passed away a short while back.

I was looking for “Se acabó” with proper lyrics translated to English, but I found this other song that I love. I wanted to share it with Sarah and with anybody else that just had enough, that want to shout “Se acabó”. The translation for the lyrics is below the video.

Whom you loved so much
As long as it suited you, that one
That’s still me

The one
Who lifted you off the ground
The one who lifted you up to the sky, that one
That’s still me

The one
Who loved you beyond measure
And in her love left her life, that one
That’s still me

That one
The one whose story you tell is humiliating
The one you drag with the people of your class
And from whom with viciousness you stole her joy, ay

Oh, that one
The one you threw away like a dog from your life
And because of you she is lost in the world
And for whom everyone still respects you

But how badly I misjudged you
If you like garbage, but look how crazy
But for you it’s all right
But how I miscalculated

I thought you were so decent and you like it ordinary
For cheap or what do I know
And I don’t sing of pain
I’m not looking for someone to love me
Nor do I seek financial backing
I’m not looking for someone to love me

I, I am not a bill of exchange
Nor am I a currency to be given
That is given to anyone
Like a check to the bearer

What I did thank you for
Is that you keep in mind
That I’m not for sale
And much less for you

You’re a businessman
You want everything with partners
Now I get it, I get it
You let me down so much

I’m leaving you a blank check
In your name, it’s for you
For as much as you want
That where it says “contempt”1
That should be your price
And it’s signed by me

  1. Contempt is “desprecio”, and rhymes with “precio” (price), so the price of the check is the contempt that María feels for the guy. ↩︎