I can actually post from Lillihub, just as easily as micro.blog.

It shows my categories and crossposting choices. This is great.

Regarding crossposting, I noticed that it only shows the first of the feeds I have in my Account settings, and in my case is not my main feed. So I changed the order of my feeds so that the main one is the first in the list, and now Lillihub shows the correct crossposting choices for me.

Thank you so much, @loura

Want to try out a new Micro.blog web client? You’re in luck! I’d like to introduce Lillihub 🐸. It’s a delightful web app to view your timeline, make posts and keep up with conversations. You can even manage your books and bookmarks. Enjoy! 😁

screenshot of the Lillihub Micro.blog web client. Shows timeline screen with navigation bar and the top and a colorful rainbow sidebar menu. The main column of text is a post about autumn with a picture of road with trees along the side with fall colors.