I really liked @maique’s idea in this post:

Defaults maique.eu

Reader: maique.eu

So here’s my two cents (updated as to January 21st, 2024):

  • Mail Client: MailMate

  • Mail Server: Hover.com

  • Notes: I’m going analog jotting down notes in two notebooks, one for quick capture and one for planning. I ditched NotePlan. For quick digital notes, I built a Shortcut to save a Markdown note in my iCloud “Process” or inbox folder, and my long term notes go into DEVONthink.

  • To-Do: OmniFocus 4 (forever)

  • iPhone Photo Shooting: iOS Camera

  • Photo Management: Photos.app

  • Calendar: I’ve gone back to the stock Calendar app. Ditched Fantastical

  • Cloud file storage: iCloud Drive

  • RSS: NetNewsWire

  • Contacts: Contacts.app

  • Browser: Safari, Mozilla Firefox. Mostly Safari

  • Chat: WhatsApp

  • Bookmarks: Micro.blog

  • Read It Later: GoodLinks

  • Word Processing: Microsoft Word (forced by fellow attorneys and clients), Typora, Markdown files in DEVONthink

  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel (I actually like Excel).

  • Presentations: PowerPoint (forced by my teammates)

  • Shopping Lists: Buy Me A Pie (iOS)

  • Meal Planning: n/a

  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: n/a

  • News: Micro.blog (Fediverse), Diario Vasco, Expansión, Cinco Días

  • Music: n/a

  • Podcasts: Overcast

  • Password Management: iCLoud Keychain

  • Photo Editing: Pixelmator