Greg Morris - 🔗 Good luck convincing average people to use Mastodon

«Manuel Moreale on internet silos:

“fundamentally people are, when it comes to the internet, lazy. And gathering where everyone else is definitely seems easier. It’s also easier to delegate the job of moderating and policing to someone else, and so as a result people will inevitably cluster around a few big websites, regardless of what infrastructure we build."

I think this post is spot on. These people hanging around on mastodon, and other ActivityPub supporting platforms, are a tiny minority. Most people don’t want to think about servers, moderation, or anything. They will just go where everyone else is.

Why do you think people hold on to horrible places like Instagram for far too long? They are lazy, unmotivated and insulated by a herd. It’s a nice idea, and a wonderful place to be, but it’s never going to be mainstream…..but that’s totally OK.»

I regretably agree with this. For a few days I thought everybody would see clearly that Twitter was no place to stay. But weeks have gone by and everybody is business as usual in Musk’s site. Especially in Spain, where this debate is not even happening.