@cliffordbeshers Oh, I instantly felt a nice massage in my scalp and it made me smile...

@numericcitizen I set those Replies, too, I do like how they look and I still have a bit of hope that users will read one of my posts and care to comment. My target audience is not in so I've been loooking for other commenting methods. I installed Disqus and it looked horrible in my blog so I rapidly uninstalled it.

@eumrz See? It worked, it's not do sad.

@eumrz I know it's sad to reply to myself, but I'm only trying the Conversation on plug-in that I just installed and seeing if the reply shows up on the blog post πŸ˜‰.

@numericcitizen Sooo many good ideas. This post is going to keep me busy :)

@abc It's difficult for me not to use MailMate, my good-old plain text scriptable mail client, but I love fastmail and I think I can't help but try a native mac app. Thanks for the tip.

@heyloura Thank you so much, Loura!

@help no, it does not.

@eumrz @help @manton can you help me? This post shows in the timeline, it is published in my blog, too: but it does not show in the home page nor in the blog-legal category. What did I do wrong? Maybe it is too long, I was trying to do it from Mars Edit, then I edited the draft in

@JohnPhilpin both funny and 'funny'.

@cliffordbeshers you certainly made me laugh, Sir πŸ˜‚.

@abc ooooh you’re so sweet, thanks!

@odd it’s going to be fun to watch.

@eumrz @help well, as soon as I posted this question, everything seems to be back to normal. Who knows.

@help my blog at is not showing ok. Is it something on my end (custom theme, whatever) or is having problems?

@eumrz Otra periodista mΓ‘s, esta de ProPublica, que se va a Mastodon.

@pratik Thanks! I implemented it, it looks great. I was even able to set it up in Spanish. And I changed the date format under the title of the posts while I was at it. So this is really cool, thank you very much.

@pratik does it only work in the Cards Theme?

@eumrz and the reply sent from mastodon showed up in, cool.

@eumrz nope. LinkedIn cross-posting is still not working.

@eumrz it partially worked. The post showed up in twitter and mastodon, so the general feed worked, but LinkedIn failed. I re-enabled the link with LinkedIn and will try again.

@eumrz ok, this worked.

@manton I’m having trouble with that, too. I have two category feeds connected to either Twitter or LinkedIn, both to Mastodon; one general feed connected to Mastodon. Cross-posting does not always work. When you say backwards-forward, you mean posts from Twitter can show in too?

@numericcitizen hi! I really liked your post and shared it in my blog with a short comment of my own. I don’t know what the netiquette is here, I only wanted to tell you I really liked your post and I hope you don’t mind.

@wavenumber it does, it works like a charm, thanks again!