🔗 Linguists have identified a new English dialect that’s emerging in South Florida

    “We got down from the car and went inside.”

    “I made the line to pay for groceries.”

    “He made a party to celebrate his son’s birthday.”

    These phrases might sound off to the ears of most English-speaking Americans.

    In Miami, however, they’ve become part of the local parlance.

    According to my recently published research, these expressions – along with a host of others – form part of a new dialect taking shape in South Florida. #eng

    I just found out that the people in Mastodon that I follow from my ActivityPub user in micro.blog do not see that I follow them, I don’t appear in their followers list. Is that so, @manton? I think that is bad for my visibility and engagement.

    I’m 1 minute into “The General” by Guns n Roses and my ears bleed. Please, somebody erase that minute from my memory. https://music.amazon.es/albums/B0CNT4LYNC?ref=dm_sh_Ma2lsRaBRf6Sz5PkJU7ndd70Y

    I’ve had time to read and reflect all morning. Now I’m going to make lunch for my family and in the afternoon I’m going to have more time to think. Just think. Isn’t that a miracle. Is it a good omen for 2024?

    I have to admit I do not understand Bridgy at all. Neither do I get if I have to do anything to add webmentions to my site or it already supports them. I’d say it does, but I’m totally at a loss. It should not be that difficult but my brain doesn’t grasp these concepts. @manton any help for newbies?

    After years of tweeting/posting, retweeting/boosting, liking/faving, quoting, inserting GIFs/images/videos/songs, and other ways to express thoughts, ideas, opinions and states of humor, the by-design focused/limited functionality of micro.blog is both soothing and frustrating.

    I’m so happy I was able to build my About me page in three languages, with a distinct card for each of them and hyperlinks that lead to each of the languages. My HTML knowledge is very, very, very basic. I really hope it’s user friendly, I tried to make it visually appealing since the plain text was too long otherwise.

    I’d appreciate any feedback, beautiful people in the fediverse ☺️. Thanks.

    🚀 Aleksei Navalny, in Letter, Describes Transfer to Arctic Prison - The New York Times

    Aleksei A. Navalny, Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, published a letter on Tuesday describing an arduous transfer to his new penal colony in the Arctic, the first time his supporters had heard from him in three weeks.

    Mr. Navalny’s comments, posted on his social network accounts and written with a heavy dose of irony and humor, highlighted his good spirits and seemed intended to assuage concerns among allies who had grown anxious about his health and status since his sudden disappearance from the public eye on Dec. 5.


    Curio giveaway! - BrettTerpstra.com

    🚀 Curio giveaway! - BrettTerpstra.com 🎄 Merry Christmas! I’m excited to offer the next giveaway, a Pro license ($119 value) for Curio. Curio is the perfect app for managing your brainstorms, your research, your projects, and your digital life. A Curio “space” is a blank canvas on which you can add notes, web pages, pdfs, images, mind maps, outlines, and more. All searchable and linkable, and even shareable. Version 27 is freshly out and ready to take it to the next level.

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    🚀 Manton Reece - Following Bluesky users from Micro.blog

    This weekend I added limited support for following Bluesky users in Micro.blog. This isn’t federating with Bluesky yet. Instead, it uses a combination of Bluesky’s RSS feeds and the AT Protocol.

    To follow a Bluesky user who has an account username in the form username.bsky.social, just search for the username in Micro.blog. It doesn’t work for custom domain usernames in Bluesky, because Micro.blog will think you want to follow the user’s blog instead.

    Even if it has some limitations, it’s great to know that there’s ever more bridges to connect different platforms. I have a few dear friends and interesting accounts in Bluesky that I’d rather follow from my place in micro.blog. Being able to interact with them will be awesome. #tech #eng

    🔗 European Commission: “Dear Mr and Ms Claus, We are …” - EU Voice

    Dear Mr and Ms Claus,

    We are happy to confirm that your gift delivery service meets our #DigitalEU and Data Protection rules:
    🎅 No record of personal data breaches
    🎅 Valid consent obtained via kids' letters
    🎅 Naughty kids have the right to be forgotten
    🎅 Transparency and accountability remain the game’s rules
    🎅 Fair and open treatment of toy makers or parents as per #DMA

    We hope you enjoy a smooth and safe journey over our Single European Sky.

    The social media team 😉 #eng

    This is very annoying, having the Threads favicon look like there’s some notification or update. When I go to see what’s up, there’s nothing new. It’s a fixed red dot. So bye, Threads, I won’t keep your tab in the background anymore.

    Good morning, Vietnam.

    It is weird not to have a follower count. Well, who cares. Vanitas, vanitatis.

    After long consideration, I finally decided to stick to a micro.blog experience and migrated my last Mastodon account to my Activity Pub micro.blog user. I think I might miss boosts, likes and lists, among other Mona-like app’s goodies, but I’m committed to giving it a good shot. Micro.blog FTW.

    I made a floating card on my home page, for a short presentation of the site, in three languages. It also shows my avatar. I wanted to put two more sections: one for a featured article, the second one for the most recent posts, but it didn’t work. I’m still happy with the result: umerez.eu

    This is how the TheBetterTouch tool for ChatGPT rewrote the former text in a better English:

    I created a floating card on my homepage to provide a brief overview of the site in three different languages. The card also displays my avatar. Although I tried to add two more sections, one for a featured article and the other for the most recent posts, I encountered difficulties in doing so. Nonetheless, I am still pleased with the overall outcome.


    This is for Sarah Burstein, I thought she might like it. Sarah just tooted “Se acabó”, and she might not know that it’s a song, an anthem, sang by María Jiménez, a strong woman and wonderful performer that lived a hard life and passed away a short while back. I was looking for “Se acabó” with proper lyrics translated to English, but I found this other song that I love. I wanted to share it with Sarah and with anybody else that just had enough, that want to shout “Se acabó”.

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    🚀 Please, Expose your RSS • Robb Knight

    Earlier this week I had a need to manually find a bunch of people’s RSS feed links. It seemed simple enough: go to their website and look for an RSS/Subscribe link but I was surprised to find that a lot of people don’t have a link anywhere to their feed.

    Even if people only ever add your website into their feed reader and let the app find the RSS feed (see below for more info on this), showing an RSS link reminds people that RSS exists, a win for the open web.
    Please, expose your RSS.

    I’ve always been an RSS believer so I do have my RSS feeds exposed in my contact page, but Robb’s insight taught me the importance of writing my feeds into the head of the blog too, so I did just that.

    Thanks, Robb.

    Yeah, I blog too

    🚀 bring back the blog – The Homebound Symphony Now that the white-hot fire of Twitter is burning itself out, and its various alternatives (Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon) are generating merely gentle (or sputtering) flames, and TikTok (which is not a social-media site in any meaningful sense but rather a media-consumption platform) is still going nova, this is the time for people to rediscover the pleasures of blogging – of writing at whatever length you want, and posting photos, and embedding videos, and linking to music playlists, all on your little corner of the internet.

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    Nick Cave about ChatGPT and AI, in the voice of Stephen Fry

    I still think AI will be a good tool for mortal humans and an even better creativity booster in the hands of Artists, but these words by Nick Cave deserve to be reflected upon, because the risks are enormous too.
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