Batch Link Downloader - A tool to download files from a website in bulk

    I don’t use Google Chrome much but today I found a very useful tool that I want to share. It’s called Batch Link Downloader, and it’s an extension that allowed me to easily download multiple files from a website. I needed to download the whole documentation of my city’s Urban Plan. It’s a bunch of PDFs, classified by different categories and locations. This is the screenshot of one of the pages.

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    How to read a Supreme Court case: 10 tips for nonlawyers

    🚀 How to read a Supreme Court case: 10 tips for nonlawyers | Ilisabeth S. Bornstein for The Conversation The opinion is generally made up of four parts: the facts, the issue, the holding and the reasoning. These parts may not be specifically identified with headers, but they are the main ingredients of the opinion. Here’s what each part means. Facts: This is a summary of who is suing whom about what and why.

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    Believe All Women #MeToo Unless You Are A Jew

    🚀 The Scope of Hamas' Campaign of Rape Against Israeli Women Is Revealed, Testimony After Testimony - Israel News - Haaretz.com Among other things, the commission is aiming to obtain recognition in the international arena that the acts committed by Hamas against women and children come under the definition of crimes against humanity. To achieve this, they hoped to awaken from their torpor the women’s organizations associated with the United Nations, but the results have been disappointing.

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    I managed to customize my home page like I have wanted for a long time. Only one single post, the latest one, and a few buttons for people to navigate around, if they so wish to do.

    The pressure of having to be on the web, curating a digital presence for marketing purposes. I’m finding great pleasure on taking the opposite route, going back to my blog and taking care of my own garden, enjoying my small little world, not needing to be someone in the public space. #eng

    IndieWeb Carnival: Digital Relationships – Manu

    February is almost over but I’m happy to say that, with my previous post on digital excuses, I took part in this month’s IndieWeb Carnival, hosted my Manu, who is one of my favorite bloggers, as I state in my blogroll. And I’m on the list 🚀 IndieWeb Carnival: Digital Relationships – Manu the topic for the month of February is going to be “Digital relationships”. The meaning of the topic is intentionally vague but I can think of at least three ways to interpret it.

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    Digital excuses

    February is almost over and, if I don’t speed this up, I’m not going to make it to Manuel Moreale’s IndieWeb Carnival invitation for this month. And this is in part due to the digital caos I live in. Yes, this is going to be a moaning post. Probably annoying for the people who read it and absolutely of no use for bringing any good to our collective lives, much less for adding anything nice or worthy to the IndieWeb Carnival.

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    Upsies by Matthias Gansrigler at Eternal Storms

    🚀 ⚡️ [New Freeware App] Upsies – Upscale your images with MetalFX – Eternal Storms Software | Blog Upsies is something I wrote on a whim, just out of curiosity if it worked – using the MetalFX Spatial Upscaler to upscale photos and images. And lo and behold, it does work, and produces arguably nicer results than, say, resizing an image up with Preview.app. I love everything Matthias does.

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    The sound of the noon chimes from the clock bells of the central nave of Bordeaux Cathedral.


    Bordeaux. February 2024.

    A charcuterie board with various meats and cheeses, accompanied by red wine, served on an outdoor table.
Spanish: Una tabla de embutidos con diversas carnes y quesos, acompañada de vino tinto, servida en una mesa al aire libre.
Basque: Hainbat okela eta gaztarekin osatutako xarrikuteria taula bat, ardo gorriarekin lagunduta, kanpoaldeko mahai batean zerbitzatua. An elderly woman reads a book on a park bench, hand on chin, with a stroller passing by in the background.
Spanish: Una mujer anciana lee un libro en un banco del parque, mano en la barbilla, con un cochecito pasando por detrás.
Basque: Emakume zahar bat liburu bat irakurtzen ari da parkeko banku batean, eskua bizarrean, eta atzealdean ume-ibiliak pasatzen ari dira. A historic stone gate with a clock, flanked by two towers, viewed from a narrow street adorned with festive banners.
Spanish: Una puerta histórica de piedra con un reloj, flanqueada por dos torres, vista desde una calle estrecha adornada con banderines festivos.
Basque: Harriko ate historiko bat erlojuarekin, bi dorre inguratuta, jai-banderolez apaindutako kale estu batetik ikusita. People relax in a sunny park with trees, grass, and a statue in the background.
Spanish: Personas relajándose en un parque soleado con árboles, césped y una estatua al fondo.
Basque: Jendea eguzkitan lasai dago parke batean, zuhaitzak, belar eta atzeko planoko estatua dituela. #eng #nice

    I went back to Penn & Teller Fool US after a while and found out that they have replaced Alyson Hannigan for Brooke Burke and I don’t like it.

    Have I told you lately that I love Cush Jumbo?

    Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi in a scene from the TV series Criminal Records

    Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi in a scene from Criminal Records.

    Installing Pandoc on Apple Silicon with Homebrew · Nono Martínez Alonso

    🚀 Installing Pandoc on Apple Silicon with Homebrew · Nono Martínez Alonso Here’s how I installed pandoc on my MacBook Pro (13–inch, M1, 2020) to run with Rosetta 2 — not natively, but on the x86_64 architecture — until a universal binary for macOS is built that supports the arm64 architecture in new Appple Silicon Macs. Thanks a lot, Nono.Ma. I needed to know which build to choose to install Pandoc on my Mac (it’s an M2 macbook pro) and I never remember the reference for the correct architecture (arm64 or x86_64).

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    Watching House, pilot episode, for the first time. I’d never thought I’d go inside Agent Lisbon’s nostrils. #eng

    Perfect Days

    Director: Wim Wenders Main actor: Koji Yakusho

    Movie poster. Perfect Days. With a picture of the two main characters, Hirayama and Niko

    Leire and I went to the movie theatre without having read much about this movie. We both liked it. It’s nice, gentle and insightful. It’s been a very joyful couple of hours.

    The pen is mightier than the keyboard. #eng

    Watching Fargo, Season 5, Episode 6. I really, really hope that the golf player is one of those who, out of respect of, the story has been told exactly as it occurred.


    Johnnie Walker Red Label is my friend for the evening. #eng

    🚀 Apple is bringing sideloading and alternate app stores to the iPhone - The Verge

    The big news is that third-party app stores will be allowed on iOS for the first time, breaking the Apple App Store’s position as the sole distributor of iPhone apps. The changes will arrive with iOS 17.4 in March.

    Here’s how the new “alternative app marketplaces,” as Apple called them, will work. Users in the EU and on iOS 17.4 will be able to download a marketplace from that marketplace’s website. In order to be used on an iPhone, those marketplaces have to go through Apple’s approval process, and once you download one, you have to explicitly give it permission to download apps to your device. But once the marketplace is approved and on your device, you can download anything you want — including apps that violate App Store guidelines. You can even set a non-App Store marketplace as the default on your device.

    More places to choose from is always good. Thanks, EU.

    #tech #eng

    So long, World. I’m alive.

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